1) The first condition to be a tenant of an apartment at Chalet I'ARVAN is to be a member of the Association ARVAN, updates his contributions and commitment to meet all of these conditions of hire . (Individual only 5 euros and 10 euros for a family to pay when booking the apartment)

2) apartments (and annexes if any) are rented for the duration agreed week.
Reservations are taken into account from the payment of deposit.

3) The Arrival takes place Saturday from 12 o'clock departure must take place at the end of the week
Saturday before 10:00 last time, except as specifically provided in the lease.
In case of arrival on Saturday morning before 10 am, especially in winter, the wait may be authorized by the Board in the common room "The ETENDARD."

4) In case of cancellation of reservation, it must reach the office of the Association, by registered mail at least two months before the date of arrival. In this case, only the fee shall be payable to the Association.
- In case of cancellation between 60 days and 30 days before arrival date, the deposit and fees are due and retained by the Association.
- In case of cancellation less than 30 days before arrival, the full amount of rent and fees are due and maintained by the Association; municipal tax is refunded.

4) The keys are to be taken from the person named on the contract against submission of a security in the
amount is determined annually by the Board of Directors.

5) Each tenant is responsible for the maintenance of his apartment, he shall return, and the furniture in perfect order and cleanliness. In case of problems, the possible costs of cleaning will be deducted from the amount of the deposit and / or charged.

6) Each apartment has cooking utensils, plates, cutlery, bowls ... and blankets, sufficient for the number of people under our flat rates.
This equipment must stay in the apartment and not corresponding mixed with the others.
Missing or broken items during the rental period must be replaced at the end of the stay.

7) linen tea towels, napkins and towels, toilet paper ... are not included and must be supplied by the tenant.

8) A telephone set is available to tenants inside the cabin to receive communications or call emergency numbers pre-programmed (Doctor, firefighters, members of the Association). For personal calls the tenant must go to public booths card, or use a mobile phone.

9) The fixtures and heating, water heater, counter ... must be returned in good condition.
Any necessary repairs due to faulty construction or workmanship of the unit, or normal wear and tear must be ordered by a member of the Board of Directors, in this sense, if the problem tenant must take before any contact a member of the Board of Directors on the list with a direct call number on the telephone at the Chalet.
In case of emergency, it shall be appealed to the correspondent of the Association in the valley whose name and phone number listed on this same list.
Any repair, unblocking sink, shower, toilet, sink, replacement light bulb,
switch broken, glass broken due to a person staying in the apartment is the tenant.

10) No animal shall be brought in the rented premises. Special permission may be granted in exceptional cases (eg. Guide dog for a blind ...), which be deleted at any time in case of problems.

11) By decision of the Board and for reasons of hygiene and safety, it is forbidden to smoke in the building.

12) The tax, the amount shown on the schedule of rental rates is to cage the tenant must be paid at the same time as the rent. For this purpose, the lessee will be included on the booking request the list of persons to stay. Any misrepresentation intone regularization.

13) In case of non-payment of amounts due to the Association (in any capacity whatsoever) for the lease payment procedure will be exclusively borne by the tenant.

14) Any misunderstanding or dispute shall be the responsibility of the Tribunal de Grande Instance TOURS.

15) The signatories to this agreement agree to abide by the terms of these Terms and Conditions of rental and Articles of Association ARVA.N.