The association ARVAN, loi1901 Association, in partnership with CAF Indre et Loire restored and open for thirty years, Savoie chalet to allow stays of holidays in the mountains, summer and winter, open and accessible to all especially to people with low incomes.
The work of volunteers who carry out the restoration and development of the cottage allows the association a very interesting pricing practice with respect to regular prices charged in the valley.
Its social objective is achieved by repeatedly allowing struggling families to go on vacation.
In partnership with associations, ARVAN has achieved several rehabilitation projects as associating with the Mutual Workers in these projects realization paced work time and leisure participants with exploring the mountains. Stays young were performed with the Secours Populaire. The ADEL, association of parents of children with leukemia is related to the association ARVAN.

In partnership, we aim to develop social projects towards low-income families. For example, we have developed actions with the Secours Populaire, with the Mutual Workers.
We propose the framework of these projects preferential rates in support of the CAF and assistance with budget preparation for this project.
A member of the association will be your reference for the project.
The association is ready to respond to any proposal for developing a project to help holiday.